CSCAE and COMPAC® renew their partnership for the ARQUITECTURA Awards and present the 177 entries selected in the first phase

The High Council of Spanish Architects’ Associations (CSCAE) and COMPAC® sign a collaboration agreement for the ARQUITECTURA Awards.

With its official sponsorship, COMPAC®, the leading company in the decorative surfaces sector, confirms its commitment to these awards that bring architecture, urbanism and other forms of professional practice closer to the public.

After signing the agreement, they announced the 177 projects that will move on to the next phase, from which the jury will choose the finalists and winners at the gala on the 22 June.

Wednesday, 12 April 2023

Today, the High Council of Spanish Architects’ Associations (CSCAE) and COMPAC® have renewed their collaboration for the ARQUITECTURA Awards. This collaboration confirms the commitment of the company, leader in the decorative surfaces sector, to these awards that bring architecture, urbanism and other forms of professional practice closer to the public.

During the signing of the collaboration agreement, the president of CSCAE, Marta Vall-llossera Ferran, expressed her appreciation once again for having the support of COMPAC®, a company ‘committed to innovation and sustainability at the service of architects, so they can find the best solution adapted to society’s needs’.

As an official sponsor of the ARQUITECTURA Awards, the CEO of COMPAC®, Paco Sanchis, shared: ‘One of the most interesting elements of this edition and the one with which we at COMPAC® identify most is the introduction of the Permanence Award. This award reinforces once again our belief that endurance is the basis of learning for future generations. This is demonstrated by the works of great artists, architects, writers and philosophers, who shape the intellect of our society. Only the materials and works that are truly innovative, disruptive and modern are the ones that last’.

After signing the collaboration agreement, they announced the 177 entries selected out of 429 received for the next phase of the ARQUITECTURA Awards. This selection, made by the Official Architects’ Associations and Autonomous Regional Councils within their territory, reflects the diversity and quality of the projects presented, ranging from residential and public buildings to landscaping, urbanism and works of dissemination and outreach, among others.

Through architecture and related activities, the ARQUITECTURA Awards demonstrate a vast, fertile and varied national architectural landscape capable of reflecting the diversity and wealth of the different cultures and territories. The selected entries stand out not only for their innovation and quality, but also for their positive impact on society and the environment. Therefore, these works and projects are contributions that deserve to be identified, as well as seen and experienced by society at large.

CSCAE and COMPAC® invite the public to follow the evolution of the awards closely and discover the projects that are transforming architecture and urbanism in Spain and the world by helping us address the challenges facing today’s society through architecture and urbanism.

SELECTED entries

Each Official Architects’ Association and Autonomous Regional Council has made the selection within its territory, following the criteria and values established in the rules: Universal, cultural and artistic, professional and ethical, values associated with innovation, diversification, dissemination and outreach, as well as rehabilitation, renovation and regeneration, architecture, urbanism and permanence.

Out of the 429 projects and entries that were submitted to the awards (30% more than last year’s edition), 177 have been selected and will go on to the next phase with the rank of SELECTED. The bulk of the projects, which include international works by Spanish architects, is taken up by buildings (98), urbanism, planning and public space (20) and minimal or ephemeral architecture (32). There are also 27 works of architectural dissemination and diffusion, innovation and entrepreneurship that will enrich the Commitment Award, which recognises alternative ways of practising the profession. In addition, there are 7 projects that will compete for the Permanence Award, a special recognition for works which are twenty years old that stand out for their successful ageing and capacity to adapt, one of the intrinsic values of Architecture.

Juan Antonio Ortiz Orueta, first vice-president of CSCAE, who presented this information at the press conference held at the CSCAE headquarters, emphasised: ‘The selected entries reflect the commitment of architecture and its professionals to the main concerns and values of our society: sustainability, culture, innovation, diversification, rehabilitation and the vocation of permanence, based on solutions that are aimed at improving the lives of all people and recovering the environmental balance of our surroundings. The Architects’ Associations and the Regional Councils have assessed the projects based on their contribution to the progress and well-being of all citizens and, therefore, creating a more liveable and sustainable world’.

In May, the jury of the ARQUITECTURA Awards will meet to select the FINALISTS, and on 22 June, the winners will be announced at an award ceremony where they will receive the sculpture ‘TOITS’, made from COMPAC® materials.

See the list of SELECTED projects at this link.